Sodium Silicate Mortar

Sodium Silicate Base Cement which resists against wide variety of acids & entire range of temperature upto 800'C. Two part mixture. Powder to Liquid 3:1 ratio.

Jointing & pointing is done with  Furocin cement from top & nearly 5mm deep inside to protect the surface from corrosion. Two part mixture, Powder to Furan syrup 2:1 ratio.


SpecificationsUnitNa-Silicate Type
Working Time at 2700 C (Mins.)Minutes30-35
Compressive Strength Minimum kg/cm2 (After 7 days)kg/cm2>35
Flexural Strength Minimum kg/cm2 (After 7 dys)kg/cm2>10-15
Bond Strength minimum kg/cm2kg/cm20.05-0..06
Absorption. of toluene max % by weight%18%
Density gms/c2.1 to 2.2