Bitumastic & Bitumastic Paint

Globe Carbon is manufacturer of Industrial Bitumastic as per IS:9510/1195/8374

GLOBE BITUMASTIC is available in powder form as a blend of Bitumen & graded acid resistance fillers heated & mixed together. These products are mainly used on vertical surfaces to any height without the use of reinforcement. It is used as an expose lining on floors where traffic is light and chemical spillages are upto 60°C. It is also used as membrane on floors, drains, lumps, foundations etc. of RCC surface prior to acid proof tile or brick lining.


In case of floors it should have a slope of minimum 1.5 - 2% towards the drain stamps. The surface should be neat and clean and free from dirt & dust. The surface should be thoroughly coated with bitumen's primer as per IS:158 by brush application & to dry it for 2 Hours.
BITUMASTIC should be melted in cast iron pots over wood, gas or oil burners. While melting, care has to be taken to prevent it from catching fire. Hit until freely flowing is obtain &now it is ready for application by wooden floats & to spread it uniformly to obtain a minimum thickness of 3 - 15 mm or as per requirement, (normally 1 0-1 5mm tk.) More than 1 5 mm thickness can be available by double coating.

Chemical Resistance

Bituminol / (Hard Mastic) is generally resistant most inorganic acids of dilute and moderate. Acid / Alkali concentrations resistance to vegetable extracts other than oils, Alcoholic liquors, Alkalies solutions of low concentration & temp. below 38' C, Brine (Solidum & Calcium chloride) & sulphate salts. Radio-active materials, Dairy products & milk, sugar, syrup, sugarsolutions etc. and water. It is not resistant to oxidizing acids like Chromic, Nitric & Organic Acids.

Curing & Settings

Bitumastic cure at room temp. within 1 hr. & it is recommended to set it completely within.

Specifications of Industrial Bitumastic

1Bitumen Grade
2Percentage of Bitumen in Bitumastic
3Percentage of Filler in Bitumastic 
4Density of Bitumastic 
2 to 2.1 gms/cc
5Hardness of Bitumastic at 35°C 
at 35°C shall on 12
6Softening temperature of Bitumastic
7Resistance against acid
Resistance to all Acid of normal attack.
8Shelf Life 
36 Months.

Specifications of Bitumastic Paint

1Denisty of Materialgms/cc0.8
2Drying TimeHrs4 to 6
4Finishing-Smooth, Glossy and must not produce any sign of corrosion