Graphite Heat Exchangers

Graphite Condensors/Coolers/Reboilers/Evaporators
Globe Carbon Industries are manufactures of Graphite Heat Exchangers are the most advanced design of Cylindrical & Rectangular Poly Block type Heat Exchangers in Vertical & Horizontal Position as per design code TEMA SEC'C', ASME 8, DIV 1. Heat Exchanger construction basically done by modified Phenol / PTFE Impervious Graphite Block of standard size & shape.

The Graphite Block design incorporates a set of axial holes & transverse holes. Axial holes carry process fluid & Transverse holes carry service fluid. A number of effectively sealed passes both on process side & service side can be provided to qet optimum fluid velocities to achieve best heat transfer coefficient.

Areas Of Application

  • To transfer the heat between two corrosive liquids / To cool down the various corrosive Liquids(Graphite Cooler).
  • Condensation of corrosive vapours. (Graphite Condenser).
  • Heating of corrosive liquids. (Pre-Heater / Boiler).
  • Pickling line heaters in M.S. industries for heating HCL & combination of HNO3, & HF in SS Plant (Pre-Boiler).
  • Falling Film Evaporators. (To Evaporate the water from solutions)
  • HCL Falling Film Absorbers. (HCL gas recovery)
  • Sulphuric Acid Dilution System.( To dilute Sulphuric Acid)

Salient Features

Available in vertical or Horizontal model as per customer requirements.

  • High efficiency of Heat Transfer Area.
  • Highly resistant to Corrosion; Thermal Shock; & Abrasion Resistance .
  • Due to modern design, most compact utilization of floor space & height.
  • Higher capacity HTA can be increased to the existing unit is possible. 


  • Cylindrical -  Graphite Block Dia. 300, 335, 427, 598. 700 &750 Capacity - 1 M² to 90M² 
  • Rectangular - 200*200, 300*300, 400*400, 500*500 Capacity- 1M² to 50M² 
  • Shell & Tube: Pipe Size 25*16, 32*22, 38*51 Capacity -  5M² to 200M² 



Bulk Density

gm/cc1.85 to 1.92
Water Absorption%<0.5
Compressive Strength 
Flexural Strength 
Abrasion Resistivity 


(thk. Reduction 1.07 mm minimum)

Thermal Conductivity
Kcal/ °C120
Chemical Resistivity 
-Excellent chemical resistance of all conc. of Acids, Alkalis, Mixtures, Solvents up to 180°C
Type of Graphite 
-Isostatic Electrode Grade impregnated under Vacuum & Pressure
Grain Size of Graphite
-Maximum 0.5 mm
Type of Impregnation 
-Modified Phenolic Resin / PTFE Resin Impregnation