Acid Recovery System

Globe Crabon is the destination for highly efficient manufacturers of HCL Recovery Systems in Mumbai. Our Acid Recovery System design provides a solid foundation for the recovery of mixed acids. Changes in materials and several components allow the recovery of other acids while protecting the system against corrosion. As a renowned supplier of Acid System Supplier in India, we are offering remote troubleshooting assistance and closed circuit monitoring by our engineering department.

In this system Falling Film Absorber is used & generally recovery of HCL gas system is used.

Salient Features

  • Our recovery system works continuously to maintain your acid at its optimum concentration and purity.
  • Reduces acid consumption, quick return on investment
  • Environmentally safe vacuum process for a clean, safe work area
  • High quality components & automation minimize downtime
  • Materials : High temp thermoplastics, acid-impervious HX


  • Recovery of HCL gas & to produce 30% HCL solution
  • Recovery of mixed acids & to produce mixes solution

Working Of Unit

The HCL gas is entering to the highly efficient Graphite cooler cum Falling Film Absorber. The high temperature gas mixes with process water through a suitable LPM Pump. At the Entry of Unit where water & gas mixes, form a film in the system & HCL gas mixes with process water. The Cool water is provided to graphite cooler, wherein gas get condensed and soluble in water and forms 30% HCL solution in the tank. The Unabsorbed HCL gas is further pass through proper designed tail gas scrubber to get more efficient in the process.