Acid Dilution Unit

We are a fully automatic PLC Controller manufacturer of Sulphuric Acid Dilution System in Mumbai. Our offered system is used in dilution of H2SO4 chemicals, ranging from 96% to 2% concentrations. Which is widely used in Fertilisers, Battery industries, explosives, potato farming, plastic, etherification of intermediates, dyes, pulp & paper, industries, SS picking plant & many more. The dilution system continuously produces Sulfuric acid at a required concentration through inline dilution of concentrated Sulfuric acid. Dilution to the designated strength is performed in the dispersion mixer, and Sulfuric acid that reaches high temperatures due to heat of dilution is cooled to the designated temperature with a graphite heat exchanger as cooler as a reliable Sulfuric Acid Dilution System Supplier in Mumbai, our offered system is safe and easy to operate and fully automatic. The system is manufactured with sophisticated equipment with laid down quality standards and immediate technical assistance provided for our valuable clientele.

Components of GCI Sulfuric Acid Dilution Unit

1. PTFE Mixer for mixing Concentrated Acid & DM Water

2. Graphite Cooler with proper designed capacity

3. Compatible Pumps for 98% Conc. Sulfuric Acid & DM water suction & discharge

4. SS – 316 Pipe line for Acid and SS-304 Pipe Line for DM water

5. Flow Control Valves

6. Digital Flow Meter

7. Non-return Valves

8. Density Meter

9. Thermocouples – 4 Nos.

10. Fully Automation with PLC controls

PTFE Mixer

98% Conc. Sulfuric Acid flows horizontally through Sparger and DM water flows vertically in PTFE Mixer and passes through PTFE perforated Plate for good mixing. It is specially designed PTFE Mixer for proper mixing of 98% concentrated Sulfuric Acid & DM water to avoid harmful exothermic reaction consequences. 

Graphite Cooler

Specially designed Graphite Cooler, which customized in Cylindrical or Rectangular model with proper calculations of required heat transfer and nozzle sizes to meet required input flowrate of acid and water, output flowrate of diluted acid and temperature of diluted acid. It is poly-block type Graphite Cooler with PTFE impregnation in of blocks, which gives long life strength to the equipment and having good Heat transfer property.

Compatible Pumps for 98% Sulfuric Acid & DM water Suction & Discharge

The Acid Dilution Unit is provided with highly advanced technology pumps, compatible for 98% Sulfuric Acid and DM water Suction and Discharge, up to 10 meter height when located at ground level. There are two types of pumps used,

1. Hydraulically operated diaphragm pumps which gives very fine accuracy of the output concentration and, whenever one particular conc., is not fixed and we have to vary the program for different concentrations in this case, these pumps are required. These pumps are very expensive with compare to second one.

2. We are also having second range of pumps, wherein one particular concentration is constantly possible. These pumps are very cheaper than first one. Both the pump’s electrical motor are compatible with VFD, wherein the flow of acid and water can be easily adjusted through PLC programmer. And also these pumps can achieve any concentration of Sulfuric acid ranging from 2 to 96%.

SS – 316 Pipe line for Acid and SS-304 Pipe Line for DM water

The Concentrated acid pipe line and & diluted acid pipe line are in MOC SS-316. And the DM water pipe line is in MOC SS-304. All three pipe lines are compatible with Acid and DM water, so it gives long life to the system. Pipe lines are well designed as per capacity and concentration of final diluted sulfuric acid. In diluted output line, a ball valve in SS-316 is provided to the unit for any emergency, and the equipment will stop automatically, when the valve is closed.

Flow Control Vales:

The equipment is provided with globe valve for regulating flow in a pipeline, consisting of a movable plug or disc element and a stationary ring seat in spherical body. Specially placed in 98% Sulfuric Acid and DM water inline to drive the flow safely. It can be adjusted by manually, when automation fails and normally no need to change the flow by physically operated to this valve, it is to use in emergency only. Both the valves are located in the Acid and DM water between unit and after pump discharge.

Digital Flow meter

Highly precise Rotameter or Digital flow meter to read the exact flow rate of the 98% Sulfuric Acid & DM water. It helps to verify the system is performing correctly as per desired requirement. Both the digital flow meters are mounted in the line after flow control valve.

Non-return Valve:

Safety precautionary Non-return valves placed on 98% concentrated Sulfuric Acid & DM water inline to allow it to flow in only one direction. It helps to protect the pumps from damage caused by back flow or reverse flow. The non-returns are located in the line after digital flow meter

Density Meter

Superlative Density Meter is placed in Diluted Acid Output line to check the density of output in running system. No need to take sample and to check in laboratory every time. The density meter placed in running outlet system helps to know the density of diluted acid online and it is well denoted on the PLC screen.


Thermocouples placed in proper position to know the exact temperature of mixing zone, outlet diluted acid temp and utility cool water inlet & outlet are measured and well denoted on PLC screen. Any rise in temperature rather than the designed range, will automatically stop the dilution unit to avoid any accidental issue in the unit. The safety measures are fully covered in by GCI Acid Dilution Unit.

PLC Automation

Supreme Automation for operating the whole system automatically on just ‘One Click’. Select the desired concertation of dilute acid and operate the complete system on one click. Specially designed Programmable Logic Control by considering all the factors like flow rate of Conc. Acid & Water, Final flowrate of diluted acid, final density & temperature of diluted acid, mixing zone temperature and utility cool water in & out temp, as well as consumption of Conc. Acid, DM water. Also the daily output production of diluted acid with cumulative total is also possible to get on PLC screen. The safety also measure also take care by PLC automation like, temperature rise beyond design temp in system, conc. Acid tank & DM water tank level goes below and final output tank, when totally filled, he unit will stop automatically by PLC.

Salient Features Of GCI Sulfuric Acid Dilution Unit

1. Mixing and cooling in one single unit

2. Incomparable corrosion resistance property of the unit.

3. No vapor losses during the operation.

4. Highly efficient system.

5. Best operational safety.

6. Capacity available from 250 lit/hr to 50000 Lt/hr

7. Design Code as per TEMA SECTION C, ASME VIII, DIV I

8. Sturdy compact and modular design, as per customer’s requirement.