We GLOBE CARBON INDUSTRIES are manufacturers of Graphite Lined Columns for various processes like distillation, stripping, extraction and condensation etc. for separation or phase change. It will be customized as per data provided by customer.


The equipment consist of graphite lined shells, arranged one on one to maintain the required height as per designed parameters. The foundation base is prepared as per approved design and the equipment is mounted on this foundation. The main components of Graphite Lined columns are grid support plate, graphite packings and spargers etc. The grid supports are graphite lined and with proper size of graphite packing and spargers above it. The gases enter from the bottom of equipment and liquid is collected from the bottom nozzle provided with the equipment. The set of graphite grid support plate, graphite packing and sparger are designed as per the volume of gas feed to the equipment. The equipment is also provided with 2 to 3 no. of spargers set as per design factor. Nearby 90 to 95 % gas absorption takes place in this equipment and remaining unabsorbed gas is passed through the nozzle provided at the top of the equipment. 


The system is totally rigid, strong and maintenance free. And it is useful for high volume of gases. Also graphite material is having wide compatibility range against all chemicals & gases. So that, it is widely used in chemical industries because of its anti-corrosion properties. We are manufacturer of Graphite Columns of any required diameter and length as per standard design. And we design the columns as per Customer’s requirement