GCI Acid Resistance Bricks

Globe Acid Resistant Brick complies with ASTM C-279 TYPE III, ASTM C410 TYPE H, L, & INDIAN STANDARD 4860-1982 CLASS I for use where lower absorption and high acid resistance are required. Having good mechanical strength & can use for all types pf chemical attack.

Acid Resistance Tiles are manufactured in different thickness and are used as per the requirement. The shape and size of brick other than standard shall be agreed between purchaser and the manufacturer.


Excellent resistant against wide range of chemicals except hydrofluoric acid. The Bricks are having high abrasion resistance, low wearing properties,  and good chemical resistance against all range of chemicals.

Area Of Application

  • Chemical Analysis (Average) Acid and Alkali Storage Tank Farms.
  • Demineralization plants and Water treatment plants.
  • Chimney inside lining, FGD linings.
  • Towers and Columns.
  • Process Vessels and Tanks.
  • Sewerage Treatment Plants and Lines, Effluent Treatment Plants.
  • Industrial Flooring on Shop Floor.
  • Chimney and Flue Gas Linings not recommended for HF acid or other fluoride solutions.
  • Hoppers and Chutes Heavy thermal shock.
  • Typical Physical Properties of Globe Acid and Chemical Resistant Brick.
  • Hoppers and Chutes Heavy thermal shock.
  • Composition :- SiO2 66 to 69%, Al203 – 24%, TiO2 1.1, 1.1 to 1.2%,2.5 to 2.8.


SpecificationsUnitRequirementResultsTest Methods
Size : As per standard & thickness 10 To 100 mm Tol. (±) 1mm .
Densitygms/cc≥ 2.15>2.15ASTM C20/DIN EN 993-1
2.52.5ASTM C20/DIN EN 993-1
Water Absorption%2≤ 5ASTM C20/DIN EN 993-1
Porosity%8≤ 13ASTM C20/DIN EN 993-1
Cold Crushing Strengthμpa≥75≥75ASTM C 1.33 /DIN EN 993-5
Flexural Strengthμpa≥20≥10DIN 51 102-2 / EN 993-16
Acid ResistanceLoss of Wt. in %<1.5<1.5DIN 51 102-2/EN 993-16

Excellent Performance

against H2SO4, Minor alkalies

Excellent Performance

Chemical Composition

SpecificationsChemical Composition
SiO265 to 70% +
Al2O322 to 24% +
Fe2O31 to 2%+
Alkalies Around3 to 4%