Impregnated Carbon Tiles

GLOBE CARBON INDUSTRIES, specializes in the manufacturing of Impervious Carbon Bricks (Conforming as per DIN Standard) especially developed for High Corrosion Resistance against all acids & not suitable for alkalies, Excellent Resistance to Thermal Shocks, High Crushing Strength, Improved mechanical properties & it withstands temperature upto 180°C. Having low Porosity 2-3 % & average Carbon content 98% min and Low Ash upto 2% max. It is mould manufactured product thus having very good dimensional accuracy +/- 1mm.

Usage Area

  • Phosphoric Acid Plant: - Reactor, StorageTanks, Vessels, Clarifiers, Settlers, Pipe lines etc.
  • Hydrofluoric Acid Plant (HF) & Flurosilicis Acid Plant.
  • M.S. & Stainless steel Pickling Plant.
  • All Chemicals Industries (Highly Corrosive Areas).
  • Fertilizers & Dyes Industries.
  • Zinc, lead, copper smelter Quenching Tower.
  • H2SO4, HCL, Fluorides, Chlorides & Alkalies.
  • Caustic soda scrubbing tower.

Storage & Shelf Life

Handling Precautions



As per DIN standard
Size: As per standard & thickness10 to 100 mmTol +/- 1.0mm
Densitygms/cc1.58 – 1.65
Comp. StrengthMPa>65
Flexural StrengthMPa>20
Porosity%3 - 4 max
Water absorption%2 - 3 max
Carbon Content%98
Ash content%2 max
Thermal conductivityW/mk4-6
Abradability indexMorgan scale140
Temperature ResistivityDeg.C.180
Chemical compatibilityLoss of Wt. in %Loss of wt<1.00
Excellent Performance.
(Suitable for all concentrations of H2SO4, HCl , H3PO4, HF, H2SiF6 & not for alkalies /solvents)


We offered best specifications in our bricks which increase its life throughout but since the method and place of application of the products are beyond its control, its guarantee is therefore limited to the quality of materials delivered.
We can offer the Guarantee/warranty period of 5 years from the date of commissioning of any equipment against any mechanical damages & wear tear & mortar due to chemical attack.